“10 years ago I walked into Dr. Tatch’s office to get top and bottom oral surgery (all-on-four and all-on-five) .
Dr. Tatch did a wonderful job and gave me the confidence to smile in photos and at people walking down the street without being self-conscious.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my surgery and I would do it all again if I had to.
I’m just as happy today, as I was when I walked out that day.
Thank you for everything Dr. Tatch .”

-Victoria P.

“My experience  at this center was nothing but positive! I had A tooth extraction  I was sedated everything  was perfect. The staff was very friendly  office clean  I would recommend  this office  very highly  and Dr.Hassan very professional  and kind thank you all.”

-Paolo D.

“Dr Walter took the time to explain the procedure very well.  The procedure went very smoothly without any issues.”

Thank you, Doctor!!

-John D.

“This was my second visit to Dr. Tatch. Great team. Great attitudes. The actual procedure went very fast and with almost no discomfort.”

-Rodger L.

“My experience with Dr. Tatch was very good. One of best dental experiences I’ve had. He explained everything before and during the procedure.”

-Dexter G.

“My implant when smoothly and quickly and with minimal discomfort I am extremely satisfied.”

-Ralph N.

“Everyone was so nice. My procedure was explained to me and despite it sounding like it was going to take a long time and kind of painful and icky it lasted only minutes. Of course the needle injection was the most painful part of it but as i sit here now, about 8 hours post procedure, the area is only mildly painful. Thanks to the oral surgeon for bringing me in so quickly.”

-Rachel P.

“Highly recommend Dr Tatch! Dr Tatch and his staff are wonderful.”

-Amy M.

“There is a reason this office is so highly rated! Great doctor and great staff!”

-Michelle G.

“The front desk may be hit or miss with dealing with knowing exact procedures for all insurances. Their desirability to be thorough can come off as combative if there is any confusion or miscommunication. This encounter many of us find important to a front office. Front offices ability to have exchange with all types of clients is important. Then I met Dr. Tatch. Very straight to the point, professional, and I had no issue with trusting he would do a great job on what was needed. Which was a few wisdom teeth extractions. Unfortunately, due to COVID this made me second guess following through with the surgery and I was honestly surprised I was still scheduled for it when there may have been changes coming to procedures stemming from the pandemic. I preemptively cancelled myself and was glad I did just to be assured all new protocols could be there going forward. I will be trying to resume work with them in the future if this is still an option. I Enjoyed their clean office and felt the qualifications were to a standard most would want to entrust. Make sure to get pricing from your insurance and don’t readily agree if you haven’t understood all the terms or costs in full. This can avoid confusion on all ends and reduce the conflict between client and business. So with this I had no issues with staff or appointment.”

-Daniella S.

“Dr Tatch’s staff were so welcoming and attentive to my every need.
Dr Tatch was extremely professional and answered all my questions. He was very thorough. I know that I will be in safe hands!

The Best!!!”

-Angelo I.

“Dr. Tatch is absolutely amazing, caring, and knows his job. He is very thorough and cares deeply about his patients.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  His staff is also top notch.”

-Jan T.

“Dr. Tatch and Dr. Mandel are 2 of the most helpful specialists I have ever met. I had a recurring pain but couldn’t figure out which tooth it was and they were above and beyond in helping me narrow down the problem. Would recommend them to anyone!”

-Eric G.

“Great staff. Made the process easy breezy.”

-Jay K.

“Amazing. Thank you!”

-Kirill M.

“Dr. Tatch and his staff were very patient and professional throughout the entire experience. I couldn’t as for a better crew to perform my (not so fun) procedure. Highly recommend.”

-David V.

“Dr. Walter Tatch is one of the top Oral Surgeons in the country.  They have very advanced equipment and supper knowledgable. Outstanding doctor and very friendly team.   Patients share their excellent experience with less pain, faster healing, and fewer opioids prescribed.”


“The staff was very kind and accommodating, getting me in as an emergency.”

-Barb R.

“My experience there was pleasant and welcoming!”

-Weynoka J.

“Last week I had to have an emergency wisdom tooth removed, Dr. Shah was incredibly generous with his time and fit me in.

In addition to being to accommodating to my situation he was thorough with the explanation of procedure. The extraction went incredibly fast, was pain-free and a WAY easier experience than I thought. The procedure was completed in less than 10 min.

The staff is truly caring and empathetic with their patients.”

-Sarah B.

“Friendly staff, nice offices (multiple locations are a plus), and most importantly — painless procedures! I have only had good experiences and would recommend Dr. Tatch to anyone.”

-Eric S.

“Very professional, ready with a tentative plan plan right away.”

-Hakan T.

“A little long but worth your time.
My implant procedure with Dr. Tatch was executed flawlessly. Every step explained in the consultation was carried out with the precision and expertise expected for this type of work.

The last phase of the procedure (the crown) was to be carried out by my “regular” dentist. After repeated problems with the mold impression, their lab of choice, and holiday office hours. I asked that he reach out to Dr. Tatch. Dr. Tatch sent his tech (while I waited) to pick up a fresh mold and he forwarded it to his lab of choice. Some days later my dentist received and placed the crown. It was a little off but I could tell it was definitely better.

In the end I saw Dr. Tatch. He and his staff did the mold impression, the bite, pics, and sent it back to his lab of choice. Several days later I received a call around 7-8 pm, yes pm. It was Dr. Tatch informing me that the crown was in and I could come in first thing in the morning or the day after, and that would be his only availability for some time.

Well, I was there 7 am the next morning and walked out about an hour later with a huge smile of relievement. Thank you so much for getting involved in the crown phase. I knew since the initial consultation that you did not do crowns. But, because of you after close to 3 months of disappointment and frustration I finally received my crown. Thanks for caring and going above and beyond!”

-K S.

“Assistant Barbara & Dr. Walter Tatch make an awesome team. No complaints, very helpful, sincere & kind. Procedure went very well & was done rather quickly!”

-Morgan P.

“This is the Oral Surgeon that was destined to be the Best of them all!
I was referred to Dr. W. Tatch by my dentist for some complex extractions, and implant placements. The highly professional service, extremely well organized and experienced staff, and the 21-st century office with outstanding digital technology will satisfy the most discerning patient.

My own dentist is learning from Dr. W. Tatch during the classes he gives to General Dentists in his Study Club!
I healed in 1week. No pain!”


“Saw Dr. Tatch regarding my facial asymmetry and Mandibular condylar hyperplasia. He removed my chin implant previously done from another surgeon and re-positioned my natural chin using bone graphing as well as adding mandibular implants to correct my asymmetry. Afterwards, I have continued to see Dr. Tatch for multiple cosmetic fillers including; cheeks, nasolabial fold, and accordions. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, you are treated like family from when you enter to when you leave and are always available for any questions anytime of day.”

-Amy B.

“On February 19, 2018 Dr Tatch removed 8 teeth from my upper jaw and installed 6 implants and a temporary denture and I have to tell you that I had no pain at all afterwards and minimal swelling and no bruising. I have never had a major procedure like this performed on me by a dentist that was pain free. I have had major pain from other dentists in the past who just simply cleaned my teeth. If you want your teeth corrected in any capacity and you want it to be pain free then you owe it to yourself to go see Dr Tatch and his assistant Barbara. I am not one to do reviews but this one needed to be posted!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star Rating here all day!!”

-Wayne F.

“Dr. Walter Tatch is most professional and knowledgeable oral surgeon I know! I had my wisdom teeth removed at Gurnee location and it was amazing experience! My bottom wisdom teeth were impacted and really close to my facial nerves; nevertheless, Dr. Tatch did incredible job and my recovery went fast with minimal pain. Also, office staff was very organized and friendly. I am definitely going to come back to see Dr.Tatch if I will have any other problems in future.”

-Katya R.

“Great doctor! I recovered quickly with minimal pain after a serious oral surgery.  Very friendly staff. I highly recommend Dr. Walter Tatch.”

-Gennady S.

“Excellent surgeon with great outcomes and professional manners.”


“Excellent Doctor!”

-Marcela D.

“Thanks a lot to the doctor !! It was necessary to tear out a wisdom tooth and was very afraid, but everything went easily and quickly))) The doctor is very attentive, a real professional !!! All clinic staff are also at the highest level! Thank you again!!”

-Anut K.

“I was debating on whether to get a chin implant with a plastic surgeon in Chicago or getting a sliding genio with a maxillofacial  surgeon (Dr Tatch) and am so glad I went with the latter. I wanted a doctor who was more skilled in handling the facial structure, bones, and tissues and ultimately went with a maciofacial surgeon over a generic plastic surgeon. Dr Tatch was incredibly down to earth and such a pleasure to work with when it came to my consultations, surgery, and post surgery. Looking back, I’m so glad I didn’t go with a chin implant as they have known issues like bone erosion, shift in position,  and a high removal rate over the long term. I can rest assure my results are a part of my natural bone and permanent :). Thx Dr Tatch!”

-John S.

“My daughter had a procedure completed by Dr. Tatch. Dr. Tatch is kind, compassionate, and technically brilliant. His in clinical team was comforting and knowledgeable and his administrative team was amazing from start to finish. I would highly recommend this office. Thank you for your warm and friendly care!”

-Whitney B.

“I am thankful beyond words for Dr. Tatch and his entire staff in providing me with an exceptional experience with my surgery. Dr. Tatch was able to get my consultation and surgery in quickly. Dr. Tatch is very knowledgeable, and everyone is so friendly! I was apprehensive at first, but they made sure I understood my surgery and made sure I felt comfortable with the procedure. I’ve heard so many horror stories about wisdom teeth extractions, but my surgery went very well! I attribute it to Dr. Tatch and his staff. After the surgery, they helped me get to the car and checked in on me routinely afterwards. My recovery was much faster than I expected. Overall, the whole staff team is outstanding, and the service is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Tatch for all oral surgeries!”

-Yelena S.

“I was referred to Dr Tatch for an All in 4 full mouth implant 9 months ago. A week before my procedure Dr Tatch went over in great detail what he will be doing, what I can expect before, during & after the day of my implants. What meant so much to me, was Dr Tatch putting me at ease with all my concerns, that were only apart of the healing stages~
Dr Tatch thank you & thank your staff for taking care of me, you Gave me the greatest gift, being able to smile again!! Your amazing, and I’m so grateful for all you have done to help me….”

-Kimberly S.

“I was looking for an oral surgeon on-line the first office I called the girl who answered the phone was very rude.  Next on the list was Dr. Tatchs office.  Within the first 30 seconds I knew this is where I wanted to be.  I needed a few teeth pulled at that time and I was in a lot of pain.  They were able to get me in to see the Doctor the next day.  While I was there I asked Dr. Tatch  about implants and he explained to me the 4-1 denture and how it worked. I was definitely interested and I knew within 5 minutes I trusted Dr. Tatch Now Here  I am in the final phase of my journey.  Not only did the nurse call me that afternoon to see how I was doing but that evening Dr. Tatch called me wow.. I was raised in the medical field (parents are retired Doctors) and honestly I have never been more impressed by a Doctor (except my parents of coarse).  Dr. Tatch and all the amazing women working there are genuinely kind, compassionate, considerate, friendly and extremely helpful.. The Lab person who makes the temporary and final denture  is amazing.  Everyone thinks these are my final teeth.. imagine how amazing the permanent ones are going to be..”

-Terri S.



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